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Welcome to Surladak (a brief introduction)

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The campaign is set in Surladak which is a nation within what was once an empire called the Golden Realm (see the map page).

The Golden Realm was once a unified empire, but three centuries ago it was brought into chaos by a group of sorcerers operating in the North (in what was then called Binladak). They amassed several armies of orcs, goblins and trolls and tried to take over the whole land. These forces were ultimately defeated, but still remain in what is now known as the Dark Lands. This period was known as the Dark Time.

Surladak borders the Dark Lands along a shifting boundary known as the frontier. Surladak forces constantly battle renegade bands of orcs and other monsters who make forays into northern Surladak. The campaign starts in a fiefdom 100 miles south of this border. Fiefdoms close to the Frontier have to maintain serious defences against invaders from the north and receive significant support from the king to facilitate this.

Surladak is essentially a feudal regime with several lords ruling localised areas and collecting tithes and produce from the peasantry. The king, Zadric, has loose overall control, but frequently encounters rebellious lords who have to be put down.

Another consequence of the Dark Time was that the Realm was effectively split into several smaller kingdoms. Ladak, west of Surladak, is where the original centre of power was, but is now controlled by Lord Smurg (the Black Emperor) who sits on what was once the Empire’s throne. He is ultimately evil and wants to take over the whole continent again. West of Ladak is Melnor (ruled by King Yakorian) and north of this is Ibris (ruled by King Moritas). Because land travel through Ladak and the Dark Lands is fraught with danger and because of the mountain ranges in the centre of the continent, trade between Surladak and Melnor/Ibris has to be facilitated mainly by sea.

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